Press Release to Rugby Advertiser 13th January 2015 – The house buying process takes longer in the West Midlands than anywhere else in the UK, according to a new report.


The research, carried out by removals company Bishop’s Move, the UK’s largest family owned removals company, surveyed 1,000 people and found that, on average, West Midlands homeowners took 11 weeks to complete their transactions and move into their new house.

This is compared to an average of nine weeks in the South-West of England – and just six weeks in Scotland in the South West. Only East Anglia rival the West Midlands figures as they also take an average of 11 weeks to complete moves.

Of those surveyed, over half of the West Midlands said it took them between 10 and 12 weeks, while 16 per cent said it took them up to 15 weeks to move.

14 per cent of homeowners in the West Midlands also said it took them between 16-18 weeks to complete their property transactions. In comparison, this figure drops down to 6 per cent in Yorkshire; 8 per cent in the South East; and 2 per cent in the North East.


Chris Marshall, from Bishop’s Move, said: “It comes as a surprise to see transactions taking so long across the West Midlands region, particular the fourteen per cent who took between 16-18 weeks.

“Throughout the course of 2014 we saw a significant improvement in terms of enquires throughout our network, particularly in the South East of England.

Cadman Homes, a family owned and run estate agents in Rugby, have a solution, as Head of Sales Adam McHenry tells us;

“By working closely with lawyers that commit to communication and customer services we can offer a fast track sale whcih will cut down the sales process by 2 weeks on average”.

The fast track sale sees a package of documentation being prepared when the property is marketed, rather than sold, ensuring a quick sale when an offer is accepted. Clients can also upload documents online, and view the progress of the transaction as well as have email and text updates.

“Through this innovative process we can help our clients sell their homes more quickly, with less risk of sales falling through and therefore reducing costs” Adam explained.

So if you are looking to sell a property in Rugby in the next few months then pop into Cadman Home’s Castle Street office or call 01788 560 905. They can help you sell your home with the peace of mind that it could go through more quickly, and with more certainty.


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